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In Halchem's quest to support it's customer base with quality products at reasonable cost, we have assembled a principal base composed of companies whose integrity are recognized in their respective fields. Furthermore, we are constantly updating this principal base to be in tune with market demands and to further uplift the set standards whenever necessary. This product portfolio is ably supported by tecnical and logistic services, both from Halchem and its principals, which would promptly respond to client's queries and needs.

food, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements Food / Pharmaceuticals / Nutritional Supplements
The food, nutritional and health needs of man is paramount in this constantly changing modern world. In response to this need, Halchem is pleased to serve it's customers with products from world renowned companies which would be of assistance to the consuming public in the areas of weight management, cardiovascular health, physical/energy enhancement, detoxification/anti-oxidant, women/infant health, healthy aging, physical improvement and other related fields.
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institutional, industrial, household, personal care Institutional / Industrial / Household / Personal Care
Current maintenance & cleaning standards demand not just a spotless job but one which is done in an environment friendly manner as well. On the personal care products front, ingredients must not only be effective but proven safe as well. Halchem's product lines from its principals in this field adheres to these ideals for it to offer products which are not just cost efficient and effective but safe and gentle to the environment too.
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Agro, Veterinary Agro / Veterinary
Halchem serves the agro-vet industry with raw material / products like molluscicide that helps prevent the infestation of snail in rice/corn/vegetable farms; microbiocides that prevent the occurrence and spread of diseases in both animal & agro farms; feed supplements that help in the overall health of animals; and various other products that help increase the production of both plant and animal products.
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