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Lonza Carniking™ L-Carnitine Lonza Carniking / Carnifeed
Carniking is a high quality source of L-Carnitine, manufactured by the Switzerland-based life sciences company-Lonza. Carnifeed contains L-Carnitine in the form of fine crystals. It is highly hygroscopic. When exposed to the atmosphere, it absorbs humidity and tends to form lumps. Carnifeed is suitable for use in liquid or paste-like formulations and for milk replacers.
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Lonza Axcela® Lonza Axcela®
Axcela® is the new slug and snail products manufactured via a unique wet-extrusion process by Lonza. Combining the advantages of the specific mode of action of Meta® Metaldehyde with the latest formulation techniques gives these pellets the highest levels of control of slugs and snails under a wide range of conditions.
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Chemical Systems Technologies Chemical Systems Technologies
The largest sugar processing chemical manufacturers and processing technology supplier in India. Started in 1986, Chemical Systems Technologies is a technology driven Company catering specifically to the Sugar Industry offering specialty process chemicals and various process technologies for sugar manufacturing.
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